A Closer Look to Zigbee Technology Applications

zigbee technology applicationsIntroduction to Zigbee Technology Applications What is Zigbee? Based on its website, Zigbee is the wireless language that is used by devices every day in order to connect each other. Zigbee has a slogan. It says “Control your world”. That is pretty representative to what Zigbee technology can do for […]

RFID Technology Applications

RFID Technology applicationBefore we explain about RFID technology applications, you need to know about the Automatic Identification first. What is Automatic Identification or Auto ID? It is a term for a technologies host that is used to support machines in identifying objects. Auto ID is often paired with automatic data capture. Many […]

An Introduction to Bluetooth Technology Applications

bluetooth Technology applicationNowadays, wireless technology is becoming an essential thing in electronic. This is why wireless technology introduction matters a lot. And apparently, this thing has motivated us to bring this article to you. As we see today, any electronics such as gadget, computer, even television has already completed with wireless technology […]